Software Development

Grok Software are firm believers in Agile and Extreme Programming practices. We aim to be truly Agile in all our software development and to apply best practices to ensure we produce robust, reliable and maintainable code.

Our agile weapon of choice is Scrum, and we strive not to be a ‘Scrum But’ organisation. With the popularity of Scrum, many organisations are feeling the pressure to become more agile and label themselves as such without a full understanding of what it is to be truly agile.

At Grok Software we also promote careful attention to Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), ensuring releases of software are manageable. With ALM we can support multiple versions of our software whilst continuing to develop the latest and greatest new features.

There are multiple challenges to achieve good ALM in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and part of Grok Software’s mission is to bring this into the main stream for all Dynamics CRM development. There should be no excuses for poor version control and release planning of CRM Solutions.

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